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Send Professional Payment Requests and Invoice links via SMS text messaging 

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Smart SMS Payments

Does your business use Venmo or Cash app to request payments? Do you have hardware that costs you money? 

With OrderText all you need is a way to send a Text Message to get paid.

Send a professional business invoice via email after each purchase with Ordertext.  

Your customers can pay securely by opening a secure payment link, they do not need an account on OrderText to pay you.

You do not need a website or special hardware to accept payments with Ordertext. 

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Advantages of OrderText Payments

Point of Sale features.
With out the Price.

Product menu editing, Inventory and sales reports, full dashboard, direct deposit, tax calculator, and more. 

You and your staff can request payments and receive orders with Our innovative, secure SaaS technology, all you need is a tablet or a phone.


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Why is our SAAS product a dynamic fit for you?

You can allow your customers many payment options.

Your customers can pay quick and easy without creating an account. The most convenient and fastest check out in the market

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Text: send 1

To 512-9 four2- 94fivezero

You will recieve a sandbox link payment request. To pay enter test card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 exp. date 11/25

This is only a test and will not be process or saved. 

See how easy and convenient we are for customers who just want to pay and save time. 

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Create invoice and send

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Mobile Services

Do you provide a mobile service? Would you like to use professional invoicing instead of taking a card over the phone or asking to venmo or cash app you? .

With OrderText payments you can allow a no hassle way for your customers to conveniently pay you.    Your customers do not need to download an app or create an account to pay you.


Are you a vendor and realize not everyone has a venmo account, or you can’t find your card reader to get paid?

With Ordertext all you need to do is send an itemized invoice to your customer though a secure text message and your customers can pay you with just a card number and an experation date. 


Home Services

Car Services

Cosmetic Services


Pet Services

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OrderText provides a contactless mobile order and payment platform with touchless and app-less cloud Point-of-Sale technology.

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