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Smart Contactless Payments

If your business takes credit cards over the phone or with hardware that costs you money, OrderText is built for you.

You can send an invoice via text message, your customers can pay securely by opening a secure payment link.

No business website is needed. If you offer services or products from your registered business, we are your easiest and most affordable solution for contactless mobile payments.

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Advantages of OrderText Payments

No User info needed to Pay.
No extra Hardware Needed to start.

Your customers do not have to create an account or download an app to pay you.

You can replace your outdated and expensive POS systems with innovative, secure SaaS technology, all you need is a tablet or a phone.


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You can allow your customers many payment options.

Your customers can pay quick and easy without creating an account. The most convenient and fastest check out in the market

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no development time for Recurring Payments

Subscription and Recurring payment Invoicing

Professional Services Requires Advance Tools

Send Calendar and Reminder invoices and receive payment via text, instantly using the Ordertext Order Management System. No API or development experience needed, we are a plug and play solution.

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No App to Download

Recurring Payments

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Digitized online menu offers easy updates for menu changes. Digital room service that feels like traditional telephone room service order using the QR code located prominently in your SmartRoom, guests can order via menu or OrderText chat feature.

No need for your guests to download an app on their phone.

Product retail

Use the chat feature and online menu system to enable customers purchase. Build a store inventory menu for customers to select items for purchase. Have your customer’s order packaged and ready for them when they arrive at the store or set up a delivery option with ease with OrderText.

Cafés and Food Trucks

Put your SmartPickup tag on the outside of your truck, an outside window, or on a sandwich board. Allow your customers to avoid lining up in close proximity.

Alternatively, attach your tag to your printed menu to distribute to customers. Allow mobile online orders ahead of time and use chat to schedule a pick-up time.


Home Services

Car Services

Cosmetic Services


Pet Services


Sell your event tickets directly from your Ordertext Dashboard, payments go directly into your account.

Musicians, comics, and performers get digital tips. 

    With digital Tip’s by OrderText, your talent gets extra tips from your customers


SmartTables tag a physical table in your restaurant. Customers can seat themselves and check in using OrderText – SmartTable. Restaurant staff receive orders via tablet or phone in their OrderText Staff account.  OrderText messaging feature for customers and staff communications pre-set tip amount can be edited by the customer.


Using QR code ordering system, SmartBar or SmartTables enable servers to bring customer orders right to them. Tips for bartenders and staff are built into the interface, like a digital tip receipt. Customers benefit by enjoying their experience, rather than standing at the bar to place an order.

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OrderText provides a contactless mobile order and payment platform with touchless and app-less cloud Point-of-Sale technology.

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